How to distribute your music to Apple Music for free

Why should I distribute my music to Apple Music?

Apple Music is a digital music streaming platform brought to you by Apple Inc. and boasts 60M+ subscribers, so when it comes to distributing your music digitally, they should be near the top of your list!

Nowadays, there are a few services that can be used to get your music distributed to Spotify and we’re going to list just a few to get you started.

1. RouteNote

RouteNote has a free tier (where they take a cut of royalties) and a paid tier (where you pay per release).

2. Amuse

Amuse has a free tier for a single artist, for labels or rights owners who want to release for multiple artists, there is Amuse Pro which is charged monthly or annually.

3. Level Music

Level Music have a free tier for a single artist which allows you to release up to 2 songs. For an annual fee, you can release up to 200 songs for 5 artists.

Why should you choose us?

At TuneDeliver, we give you the ability to release an unlimited amount of music for an unlimited number of artists without charging a monthly or annual fee.

We believe that we should only gain success if our users are successful and so we only take a 15% cut of royalties once we start collecting them from stores for you.

Sound good?

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